Save Money With Online Coupons

You know those little things you carefully cut out of the paper each week, then promptly lose/forget about? Those are coupons. Everyone knows about coupons, and how much money they can save when you use them to buy things you normally purchase. The good news is that coupons exist in the digital world, too, in the form of coupon codes.

The trouble I always have with coupon codes is that I NEVER seem to have one. Ever. Well, I decided to do something about that the other day. The result: I found

Retailmenot works a little differently than some coupon code sites you may have been to. In Retailmenot, users submit codes that they have found. Others try the code, and report on whether or not it worked. So when you go to Retailmenot, you find can find a whole list of coupons codes for the website you are curious about, and a ranking for how frequently the code worked when people tried it. I have used it several times already, and it has worked great.

The thing that really sets retailmenot apart from the crowd, though, is its downloadable browser extension. If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer (and possibly other browsers), you can download an extension for your browser that will check every site you go to, and then automatically inform you if retailmenot has coupon codes for that site! So, from the moment you visit a potential shopping site, retailmenot will notify you of possible savings. It’s like walking into Walmart and being handed a book of actual, usable coupons. It doesn’t get any easier to save money than that!

Posted on 12 Feb 2009